Artist of the Week – Musicoin

I would like to thank for making me Artist of the Week.  What a pleasure it’s been to be featured at the top of the website, and I’m so humbled by all the tweets of my songs sent out via @musicoins @MusicoinFrance, @MusicoinTurkiye, and @MusicoinJapan on Twitter, as well as the support and retweets from friends and supporters of Musicoin.  What a great week it has been!

For those who don’t know about, it’s a blockchain music streaming service, (comparable to Spotify or iTunes,) that pays musicians in the cryptocurrency MUSIC, for each free stream generated by users.  Musicoin ensures that pay-per-play is on par with, if not better than, standard mainstream services.  Users can also tip their favorite musicians, which is a fantastic feature that allows independent musicians to receive far better compensation for streaming their music with Musicoin than they would ever receive with other services.  Blockchain technology is very new, but it’s where we’re headed.  I’m happy to be part of the experiment!