Broken Pieces (2019 EP)

Lyrics by Crystal Casey, Music by Reflected Illusions

1. Memory

I’m drawn out by the tide, carried from home.
Body escapes, the mind follows.
Just another, one more— another, one more time.
Hooked in a ritual ebb and flow.
Pouring rain hits rock to return fog.
Living dies alone.
Night time cries into the dawn.
Any way you go,
Can’t outrun eternity.
Carry on—
Can’t out run eternity.
And memory is a chronic disease.
Carry on—
It’s a chronic disease,


2. Broken Pieces

All these broken pieces
Shimmer on the floor
All these nightmares and daydreams I have held
Close enough to touch
They’re taking flight
They’re taking me from you

All the monsters that I carry
Carry in my heart and mind
All alone
Won’t destroy what’s left of us this time
So hold on
Hold tight


3. Dominion

No command
Everything that comes
When we fall into the flame
River takes us where it runs

No control
Everything that goes
Up in a self-made fire
Fight against the way time flows

Everything that is
Greater than all your power
Makes the way, you cannot run
You cannot run

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