Crystal’s Desktop Wallpapers (Set of 10)


Ten high resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) desktop wallpapers featuring the cover art for Crystal’s complete discography.  “Oғ Mʏᴛʜ & Mᴇɴ” front cover portrait plus the 5 portraits for each song, “Tabula Rasa,” “Circling the Sun,” “A Full Circle,” and “You Have a Shelter” artwork.  Makes a lovely desktop background theme.

All prices are in US Dollars.  Accepted forms of payment are Paypal, credit, and crypto.  Downloads will be emailed upon purchase and include the 10 individual downloads for each artwork plus a zip package with the same 10 images to download all in one go if preferred.  (Preview images are much smaller files.)  If you experience any issues with the downloads, visit help & store policy or contact:

“Oғ Mʏᴛʜ & Mᴇɴ” artwork by Crystal Casey & Dylan Likar.
“Tabula Rasa” artwork by Crystal Casey.
“Circling the Sun” artwork by Crystal Casey & Chris Walsh.
“A Full Circle” & “You Have a Shelter” artwork by Ser Sinestésico.
© All rights reserved.

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